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Young athletes should get the opportunity to learn about basketball in ways they never have before. The smaller team size increases offensive and defensive opportunities for each player through basic fundamental team play (give and go's, back door cuts, pick and rolls, etc.). The intent of this format is to provide a fun, competitive learning environment for all players.

This is a new format of basketball to this area but rest assured, the format is derived from a company who has been doing this for 25 years and has over 14,000 participants and over 300 leagues worth of experience. Our teams are coached by YOU, the athletes, so you can enjoy playing and learn the game in a new way. You'll be able to relax, have fun and focus on the fundamentals of the game.

Call 517-258-2425 or email us today for more information about our boys and girls leauge.

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Even though our league is highly competitive, we like to keep games as fair as possible. You'll appreciate that:

Play against people at your skill level and range
We strive to have competitive games and do schedules weekly to have the most competition.

You'll get to choose your own team before we start the season. If you don't know which team to join, we'll help you find an excellent team to reach out to.

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The Mid Michigan 3 on 3 basketball league difference

Not sure if 3 on 3 basketball is right for you? You should consider giving our 3 on 3 league a shot if...

You want more experience handling the ball
You're looking to stay fit for the upcoming season
You'd like to grow into a leader on the court

Contact us now to learn more about our 3 on 3 basketball league in Mason, MI. We have leagues in the surrounding areas including Lansing & Jackson, MIĀ as well.