Join our boy's basketball league in Mason, Jackson & Lansing, MI to improve your basic skills

Have you ever been behind in a basketball game? If so, you know that the pressure to make up points can sometimes cause you to play even worse. That's when it's important to slow down and remember the fundamentals of the game.

You can improve your skills by signing up with Mid Michigan 3 on 3 Basketball. Our basketball league in Mason, Jackson & Lansing, MI plays quick games of 3 on 3 to allow for more touches during a game.

Make the fundamentals second nature so you can overcome adversity on game day. Reach out now for more information about our boy's and girl's basketball league.

youth girls basketball mason mi

Should you sign up for our basketball league?

Once you play in our youth boy's and girls basketball league, you'll be hooked. You'll enjoy that our league:

Lets you choose your own team
Is available for girls and boys
Is both highly competitive and fun
Available kids from 3rd to 12th grade at most skill levels (you select your teammates)
An environment where you are both the coach and the player

Call 517-258-2425 today to learn more about our youth boy's basketball league in Mason, MI.